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Real Estate Law Services in Reno, Nevada

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Professional Assistance for Your Real Estate Decisions

Because of the high value often associated with real estate, transactions that deal with land and buildings are governed by federal, state and even local laws. Our legal advice and protection help you navigate these laws with confidence. Whether you are selling a house, managing landlord-tenant issues or preparing a site for development, The Law Office of Carole M. Pope offers the expertise you can trust.

What Is Real Estate Law?

Real estate is legally defined as land and the physical structures built upon it. Real estate law is, therefore, the body of laws that govern ownership and use of this type of property. Common real estate law issues include selling land, zoning requirements, environmental regulations, rental arrangements and estate planning.

Reliable Expertise and Experience

We will help you complete real estate transactions with peace of mind. We specialize in drafting, negotiating and closing binding agreements between you and others. Our services provide protection for buyers, sellers, tenants, owners, real estate agents, developers and more. We will get you the information you need to make the right decisions about your investments.


From placing a bid for your future home to managing and leasing issues, we partner with residential property owners like you to manage mortgages, contracts, quiet title actions, foreclosures, environmental compliance, zoning, land use, property rights and more. We also help you through land disputes, litigation, claims about constructions flaws, boundary disagreements and more.


When you are preparing to make a large real estate investment, you want assurance that your future rental income is secure. That’s why we specialize in development and land use issues as well as laws that oversee the leasing of land, buildings, natural resources and other interests. With nearly 30 years of experience, you can trust The Law Office of Carole M. Pope to help you handle any real estate issue.